More from Gaza

December 29, 2008

More IAF precision strikes.

Impressive. This kind of footage gives the lie to The Guardian’s Comment Is Free line about the IAF indiscriminately slaughtering innocent civilians. All the indications I’ve seen – and admitted by Hamas itself – are that the overwhelming majority of the casualties are Hamas operatives. Furthermore, Israel did its now customary trick of sending SMS messages out on the cell network warning civilians to keep clear of the targets of impending air strikes. In The Guardian’s case, it’s clear that ‘Is Free’ means ‘Worth Nothing.’

Meanwhile, here are some blogs-on-the-ground to watch (as opposed, and in preference, to the MSM):

Israel Matzav, Aliyah!, IsraellyCool, Life Must Go On in Gaza and Sderot, SabbahBlog, Good Neighbours.

The Gaza sites opposed to Hamas that I used to visit have closed down or gone dormant in the past year. There could be a reason for that.

Further afield: Augean Stables, Contentions, Power Line, Mere Rhetoric, Gateway Pundit.

The Ozblogos doesn’t seem to be paying much attention.

UPDATE: Actually, I was wrong on that last point.  There’s a lively debate going on at Larvatus Prodeo.



  1. Why do you care so much? It’s obviously personal in that strange way angry people show when they inadvertently reveal they have no empathetic feeling at all for the humanity, suffering or perspective of the offending group or individual.

    What it it to you, exactly? Enquiring minds (as the tv cliche goes) want to know?

  2. If you look around the site you can probably work it out.

  3. I don’t understand.

    You don’t want to or refuse to either elaborate on or even answer a reasonable, intentionally genuine, certainly well-meaning query?

    Why not?

  4. “Well-meaning”? After the AQ “single-narrative” stuff that you have posted here in other threads, you dare to be so disingenuous?

    Some people are unbelievable. More front than Myers.

  5. Translate, please. AC. I have no idea what this means.

    What is AQ single narrative mean, for starters?

  6. Myers, the store?

  7. I gathered by his silence that Rob didn’t have much time for Mario Lanza, but that’s no reason to write off everything else I write.

    Does it?

  8. I think AC is referring to this:

    “There is a direct line from the European Crusades to Nazism to the colonial terrorist Israeli state.”

    That wrote you off as a commenter to be taken seriously.

    And no, I don’t like Mario Lanza.

  9. Thanks for coming by, AC, btw,and thanks for your support at LP. It can be a lonely place over there at times.

  10. Well, Karen Armstrong says so too, in not such condensed or crude terms, and she is perfectly reasonable.

    Why don’t you like Mario Lanza?

  11. “Why don’t you like Mario Lanza?”

    Why are you fond of non-sequiturs?

    Rob: the one good thing about Larvatus Prodeo is it led me to your blog. As I noted over there, I don’t know where you find the patience.

    As for the standard of debate at LP, I find it astonishing that a rational person, presumably educated in the Western tradition, can write:

    “I wish I could honestly say the state of Israel deserves peace. But As much as I sympathize with Israeli citizens, I can no longer say that in good conscience.

    No justice, no peace. Simple as that.”

    That was Lefty E. Larvatus Prodeo (and similar sites) are the living embodiment of the phenomena analysed by Nick Cohen in his excellent book, “What’s Left?”

    No doubt Tad Pole is an LP denizen who has swum over here out of idle curiosity (and in the hopes of some disingenuous trolling) because he’s never met anyone who holds an opposing view that wasn’t received wisdom. You’re a lot more polite than I ever could be about it all, Rob, so I’ll just butt out.

  12. I learned the hard way that abusive commenting doesn’t work. You don’t persuade anyone, and it can come back to haunt you. Not that most of people on that thread are open to persuasion, anyway.

  13. Rob, I really enjoyed reading the thread at LP and your analysis there (just looked at it now). I wish you were in charge of the map to peace.

  14. Thanks, LE. I’ve started a series of posts on Gaza and Israel/Palestine more generally, and the first is now up.

  15. […] Having made a couple of grumpy ‘plague on both your houses’ comments over at LP’s epic — but good — thread on the eleventy-third Israel/Palestine blow up, here’s a funny from DeusExMacintosh on the topic. For those interested in the actual politics (apart from me being grumpy), then there’s also (good and thoughtful) coverage over at the Australian Libertarian Society, Catallaxy and The Better Part of Valour. […]

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