I’m surprisingly impressed with Joe the Plumber…

January 14, 2009

… and his reporting from southern Israel. I have to say I thought this was rather a tasteless gimmick by Pajamas TV, but the guy clearly has a head on his shoulders, and he does pretty well jousting with journalists who obviously know a lot less than he does.

See here (free registration required).



  1. “Journalists and prostitutes face the same challenge: competition from amateurs.”

  2. I understand the p0rn industry faces similar challenges, anon.

  3. Writing opinion pieces is indeed like prostitution: you’ve got it… you sell it. You’ve still got it.

    (Apologies, I think, to Marcel Proust).

  4. Obviously a Marx-free zone here.

  5. I have some lingering respect for the man, even if he was wrong about almost everything in almost every particular.

  6. sounds counter-intuitive. But, then…

  7. OK, Tad Pole, you’re out of moderation. But please use your evident intelligence to say something worthwhile or germane.

  8. ok, ask me anything. Only one go, mind you.

  9. A comment on the post topic?

  10. Sorry, the subject – Joe whatisname – is of no interest and too many links and youtube guff.

    That’s your question?

  11. see Rob, thing is, women like words, not videos, and we like to see women talking. Got a female Rosie the Riveter type talking head, perchance?

  12. Here’s the deal. If you have something to say about a post, say it, and keep it germane and intelligible (and hopefully intelligent). Otherwise you’re going back in the spam pot.

  13. The way you use the word “intelligent” is very offputting to me and no doubt others of your readership. I am sorry if I seem unintelligent. But if you think all of my comments are not genuine and heartfelt, and just the way I write and think, then you are majorly mistaken.

  14. I knew I’d regret this.

    Status quo ante, buddy.

  15. Ah Rob, we are but mere playthings under the assault of his fearsome but elusive and nebulous intellect.

  16. And we’ll quest forever to find its secrets. BTW, sorry you occasionally get caught in the span filter. No idea why that’s happening except it’s not me.

  17. It’s quite all right. I’m in no particular rush.

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