Truce in Gaza

January 18, 2009

Israel has announced a unilateral 10-day truce in the war against Hamas.  It will come into affect in one hour – at 1100 hours AEDT.  IDF troops will remain in Gaza and will retaliate if fired upon, or if further rockets are fired to southern Israel.  Hamas has said it will not agree to any truce while Israeli troops remain in Gaza.



  1. As I asked over at LP Rob 18 Jan 08:

    I’d be interested in reading what Rob thinks has been achieved in this war, (apart from temporarily degrading Hamas’ military capacity and proving that Israel has a bigger stick): given that the prior stated objectives of the war have not been fulfilled.

  2. I should think the obvious two objectives achieved are to degrade HAMAS ability to lob rockets into Israel and to send a strategic message to Tehran and Hezbollah.

    What do you think, Peter? What have they achieved?

  3. I think that Hamas was defeated in this war, as Hizbollah was not, two years ago. It was an odd war: a post-modern army fighting a pre-modern enemy. Pre-modern Hamas lost hundreds of their fighters, some of their top leaders (others were concealed in bunkers below a hospital that Israel dared not strike), most of their infrastructure and their supply lines from Egypt.

    Israel lost (correct me if I’m wrong) just 13 soldiers, some from friendly fire. Hamas has nothing to crow about, and no-one will believe then even if they do. Israel came out of it as brave men and women, and Hamas as cowards. That will hurt Hamas.

    That’s the brutal calculus of the Middle East, where war is as much psychological as physical.

    Of course it hasn’t solved a thing, any more than was solved in 1948, 1967, 1973 or 2006.

  4. And I agree with AC that Israel has shown Tehran that its southern fingernail against Israel will not work – because of Israel’s will and its armed might, but also because Egypt from the start showed itself as opposed to it (Tehran’s proxy, that is).

  5. Let’s hope China, Iran’s new best friend will do as rumoured and help rebuild Gaza, since Israel won’t of course. Though how having a partially destroyed desperate irrevocably vengeful community of 1.5 million whose government Israel has dispersed, many killed, every government building reportedly decimated, several thousand citizens murdered, thousands more seriously wounded in just three weeks still situated on its border is a victory for the Jewish ghetto of Israel beats me.

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